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My name is Petar Ivanov (Bulgarian: Петър Иванов) but you can call me just Pesho (Bul: Пешо). Science is my passion. I think of myself as an algorithmist, an applied scientist and an everyday dilettante with child’s curiosity. I admire Richard Feynman.

During high school, the most interesting activities for me were the Olympiads in Informatics — a sport that showed me the power of thinking algorithmically. Then I suddenly discovered something even more fascinating as a student of Applied Math and Informatics at Moscow State University — imagination can be boosted by real problems with no known solution. And solving them still needs the same modelling and computation skills developed earlier. I hope to become a PhD student in love with his research topic, looking for the next most thrilling activity in life.

I am also glad to participate in other great inventions of the human culture like sports, arts and education. Realising the interconnection between the evolution of our culture and humankind itself makes me a citizen of the Earth, valuing freedom, openness, and sharing as my most important philosophical grounds. It is nice to see them work in practice.

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